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(Dr. Goodman Speaking At 1950's NOACs - 7 minutes : 25 seconds)

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OAAuctions.com is a comprehensive, efficient, and dependable online auction website for Arrowmen seeking historical collectibles from the Order of the Arrow.  Hundreds of Order of the Arrow items are added daily to the site inventory from eBay.  The website has been designed so you can find the items you are seeking with only a minimal number of clicks.  The menu across the top of the page also allows you to quickly find auctions by lodge name.
Feel free to add one of our banners to your own website from the "Link To Us" section.  As you review the auctions,  you will enjoy seeing the historical past of the Order of the Arrow.  Whether you are new to the hobby of OA collecting, or a veteran, OAAuctions.com will simplify your journey in finding just the right flap, or other item for your collection needs.  Enjoy, and good bidding to you!

"A Thing Of The Spirit"


"The Order of the Arrow is a 'thing of the spirit' rather than  mechanics. Organization, operational procedure, and paraphernalia are necessary in any large and growing movement, but they are not what count in the end. The things of the spirit count:




 In a day when there is too much hatred at home and abroad.


In a day when the pessimists have the floor.


In a day when millions are interested only in getting or grasping rather than giving.
These are of the spirit, blessed of God, the great Divine Spirit."
Dr. E. Urner Goodman (1891-1980)
Order of the Arrow Founder

OAAuctions.Com has hundreds of Order of the Arrow items added daily from eBay. If you do not find what you need, there is a good chance the site will carry it soon. Consider bookmarking this page so you can quickly locate it again. On the right, you will find links to other sites that are completely dedicated to Vintage Scout Items, Official Uniforms, National Jamborees, and World Jamborees. If you have enjoyed OAAuctions.Com, please mention it to your collecting friends!

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